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Special Education

Our versatile 1:1 program for students with special educational needs is taught with targeted learning plan. New learning plan is created with a case manager through regular assessments.

Who are the Specialized classes for?

Specialized classes are for students who would benefit from custom learning intervention because of their learning challenges. As an academic support service, we still aim to improve students' academic achievements at school.

Our case manager has extensive experience working with students with ADHD, Dyslexia, FAS, and MID.

What do you teach in Specialized classes?

We prioritize homework support for school assignments. Our tutors will then work on students' executive functioning skills, social emotional learning, and social thinking through various activities of reading and writing.

How does this work?

In specialized classes, each student will be assigned a case manager and a tutor. During the first class, our case manager will assess student's level, then once every few months, depending on the progress. The student will begin studying with the tutor, using the curriculum, goals, and strategies set by the case manager.

How many classes are there in a week?

Just as our Regular English programs, twice a week classes are recommended. Most students show a significant difference in improvement (both in academics and confidence) between once a week and twice a week classes. We believe that routine and stability are important in learning.

What is the rate for Specialized class?

Specialized class is $70/hr with the duration dependent on the type of support the student requires. Our rate is higher because each student is assigned a team of professionals and more services are provided in this specialized program, including individualized education reporting, goal setting, and diverse resources.

Is online class available?

Yes. We offer both offline and online classes at the same rate.

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