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Modern Classroom


We strive to provide students of all ages and skill levels with personalized learning tools. Our programs for novel studies, reading and writing, S.T.E.A.M. and Singapore Math help promote critical thinking skills to build fluency and confidence.

Novel Studies

Ready for School

Take a deeper dive into a novel with not only comprehension questions but evidence-based critical thinking questions. Through independent work and collaboration in small groups of up to 4, our students develop strong readership with different levels of scaffolding, vocabulary, and difficulty. Readers of ALL levels are welcome!

2 hours; $100/class*

Singapore Math

Toy Block

Math is more than just about numbers and operations. Singapore Math promotes PROBLEM-SOLVING skills through application to more true-to-life settings and outside-the-box creative thinking. With routine practice, students improve on accuracy, learning stamina, reading comprehension, and confidence.

1.5 hours; $75/class

* $65/hr for 1:1 classes

$50/hr to add-on individualized support

Homework Support
(Math & Sciences)

Grades 7-9

Students get support on school assignments with a focus on building stronger foundations in order to gain confidence. Constant review and preview based on the BC curriculum build stronger sense of academic skills, as well as note-taking skills.

$55/hr (in a small group of 2-3 students)*

*For 1:1, $65/hr

Grades 10-12

Students review notes from school through re-explanation of concepts and complete school assignments with the tutor support then independently. For those wanting further challenges, practice exercises will be provided to solidify the understanding.

$65/hr (1:1 classes)

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