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We offer various tutoring programs based on age and skill level. Our courses for English, Math, and French all promote critical thinking skills and independent learning.

English - Elementary program

Reading & Writing
(Grades 3-8)


In our 2:1 program, students will enjoy learning vocabulary and writing through novels studies in small group setting.

2 hours; $50/hr*

*For 1:1, $65/hr

Debate Club
(Grades 3-9)

In a group setting, students work together and independently on research and note-taking skills as well as persuasion techniques.

2 hours; $50/hr


Our extensive ESL program is a twice-a-week program that helps build routine in English learning. From studying vocabulary, reading skills, and grammar, students will be able to compose paragraphs and essays.


Support for schoolwork is provided.

2 hours; $60/hr

English - Secondary program

Writing Workshop
(Grades 8-12)


The secondary school writing program provides exposure to all types of reading, from short stories, poetry, speeches, to news and magazine articles. The students will then learn to write well-structured analysis essays.


Reading Intensive
(Grades 9-12)


The twice-a-week program holds one lecture-style group class and private instruction for individual needs. Students will practice critical thinking skills with novels and non-fiction, following AP curriculum for writing.

2 hours; $60/hr

Math (and Science)

Grades 3-6

Math is more than just about numbers. Students use Singapore Math workbooks to strengthen logic and numeracy by using a variety of math knowledge in word problems. We also customize to students' needs.

$50/hr (in a small group of 2-3 students)*

*For 1:1, $60/hr

Grades 7-9

Students prepare for school with BC curriculum math books. Confidence and independence are achieved through homework support, thorough review, lesson on new concepts, and practice exercises in class.

$55/hr (in a small group of 2-3 students)*

Grades 10-12

Students build stronger sense of mathematical skills with BC curriculum math books. Supplements are provided for constant review. Test preparations are also offered.

$65/hr (1:1 classes)

*For 1:1, $60/hr

French (Online)

Grades 3-12

Our classes are in conversational French and also provide homework support for school French and French Immersion students.


French Immersion
Grades 10-12

We focus on speaking not only to enhance vocabulary and grammar concepts, but to promote social applications. Students build strong foundations in the French language to succeed in French-language learning environments.


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